Lancaster Printers Fair

September 17th 2022

Lancaster Printers Fair
Printers Fair Information

The Ken Kulakowsky Center
for Letterpress and Book Arts

We are setting up the center for workshops on letterpress printing, papermaking and book arts.

Boy Scout Graphic Arts Merit Badge

Earn your badge at an evening program

Print is not dead
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Enriching the


We have a thriving community of printers who gather each month to further the letterpress tradition. We welcome you to join us too!
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The tradition of


Our passion is to preserve the printed word through traditional letterpress printing. Find out why our unique printing method is still enjoyed by so many today.
About the Club

Preserving the tradition of letterpress printing in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

We are passionate about educating our community on the history and technique of traditional letterpress printing by providing demonstrations and hands-on workshops.